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Bailén has a wide range of quality hotels where you can spend the night in this historic town. More information

Refurbished in 2007, it is situated in a well-connected location, allowing easy access to routes towards Madrid, Cadiz and Levante. Close to places of cultural interest, such as the potteries and the olive mills of the area. It has a total of 52 rooms.

Carreterra Madrid Cádiz, Km 294
23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953671058
E-mail: reservas@hzodiaco.com

Connected both to the historic centre and to the main communications hub of the area, this hotel was refurbished in 2004 and is of a villa/bungalow style construction. It offers a total of 27 rooms.

Carretera Madrid Cádiz, KM 294
23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953670058
E-mai: recepcion@hsalvador.com

Located by the Andalucia highway, it has 18 rooms. Its speciality is Andalusian food.

Carretera Madrid-Cádiz, Km. 291
23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953673388
E-mail: hotelelcordobes@hotmail.com

Situated on the ring road that connects the town with the main routes. It has 15 bedrooms. Because of the easy connections it offers, it is ideal for travellers who want to visit this town and other ones nearby.

Carretera Madrid-Cádiz, km.294
23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953671050
E-mail: recepcion@elpaso.es

A family establishment located on the Madrid-Cádiz road, a ring road that goes around Bailén. It is notable for the home-cooked food it offers.

Carretera Madrid-Cádiz, Km. 294
23710 Bailén (Jaén)
Tlf.: 953670010